Tree-mendous Trivia!

Trees are an important part of the environment, with their highly beneficial nature on our planet. Did you know that nowadays over 3 trillion trees exist? Originally we had 6 trillion, but over time many trees have been destroyed due to the development of cities and urban life. Out of 60,000 species, there are 300 critically at risk. Many of these species live in one country too, so they must be protected from diseases and deforestation.


Did you know that trees can communicate with each other? Not only can they ‘speak’, they can also share their nutrients with each other, using ‘mycorrhiza’. This is a special sort of fungus within their roots. Trees that live in forests can share both carbon and water, due to their root connection. Another tree fact is the colour of their leaves change due to chlorophyll, a chemical that changes the colour depending on the season and how much sunshine there is. It is vital that all work should be carried out by trained professionals, for the sake of the tree and for safety of the public, call Topp Tree Care for all Tree felling in Torquay.


The Benefits Of Crown Lifting

Sometimes when you’re on a walk, you may notice you have to duck under branches. This is due to trees growing to the point where they take up a lot of the area between the low branches and the ground. If this happens then it is time to give the tree a crown lift.


Crown lifting is beneficial, as safety wise it will stop the branches from pushing against buildings and potential traffic that may pass by. It will help to provide a higher canopy (with more natural light) for people to walk underneath, as well as opening up the view to make it more visually pleasing.


Before work begins, the tree will be inspected first to check which branches will be taken away or pruned. It is best to get a professional to do this, due to the danger it may cause the tree if it is not done properly. For instance, if a large branch is removed when it shouldn’t be, then the trunk can be damaged and cause it to start decaying. So, by hiring a professional, you can be assured that the work will be done safely and efficiently. Call Topps Tree Care for all Tree Surgery in the South Hams and Torquay.


Is My Tree Diseased?

Trees are a crucial factor in the world, being part of the ecosystem. Birds and animals live amongst the environment within the habitat that the tree provides for them. Trees also give sustenance and oxygen, as well as keeping the atmosphere clean. Fuel is also provided, to help warm our families. However, by bringing in new trees and treating the environment badly, there is a chance to cause diseases and pests becoming an infestation.


It is unlikely that a tree has never had a disease whilst it has been alive, due to the variety of organisms that use the tree as a habitat. Even with these pathogens though, they can still live alongside them happily as a part of normality. Unfortunately, though, some diseases can develop before they have a chance to cope.


Signs to look out for are colour changes and blotchy sections, as well as dead areas on the leaves (‘leaf blight’) or leaves falling off (‘defoliation’). Trees can have decay, developing fungus and issues with their branches, abrasions and disappearance of bark. Once a disease has been successfully decided, fungicides can be used to help counter it. The roots and soil can have it injected into them, as well as the tree itself. Pruning and fertilisation are other methods that can be used to decrease the chance of disease. It is best to ask an expert for help, as their advice will be experienced and thorough. They will be able to give you reassurance, particularly if there is a risk of danger. The job will be in safe hands and you can relax knowing your garden won’t become a potential hazard, for more information on Tree services in Torquay, call Topp tree care today.


The Importance Of Trees

Trees are a very important to our environment, as they provide oxygen, store carbon away, sustain soil and provide habitats for animals and other wildlife. They also give the materials we need for everyday life. It is important that trees are cared for and maintained.


Trees help to filter dust and pollution from the atmosphere, as well as giving shade and decreasing noise levels. Many different species of trees in the UK have medicinal potential. For example, birch bark oil has antiseptic abilities. Trees are also known to help bring stress and blood pressure down.


Trees help to slow the development of global warming, due to absorbing carbon dioxide and storing it in the wood. They can help lower the speed of wind and keep the air cool around them, reflecting heat from their foliage. In a city, trees can potentially lower the temperature up to 7° C. They can also absorb heavy rainwater, helping to stop floods and erosion of soil.


Whilst trees are new, they can give food and shelter to many creatures, such as insects, fungi, birds and different lichens. When they are ancient, their hollow trunks can provide homes for owls, bats and beetles. In fact, it could have up to 500 separate species living in it.


Due to the quantity of people living in cities rather than the countryside, trees and parks will soon be an even more integral addition to city life. As long as trees are kept safe and respected, they can bring many benefits to us and the environment for a long time. Call us today for all Tree services in Torquay.

Why Are Tree Surveys Important?

Trees are an important part of the environment, so it’s critical we have surveys done. Surveys can give important data on their condition and if there is a risk to any property or land they are on. For instance, someone might want to know the risk of subsidence in their home, or if there is the potential of any harm coming to endangered species (such as bats).


Someone could be interested to see what age the tree is, what sort of tree it is and if there are any animals living in it, as the tree would need extra care. Tree Surveys can help someone to look after the tree and any creatures that depend on it to survive.


Trees that are within a town or land need to be able to meet health and safety conditions. Trees can sometimes be a hazard, so a survey can be done to avoid danger to lives.


When planning a survey it is best to use an expert, as they will know what to look for to help keep the environment and inhabitants safe. Call us for all types of Tree services in Torquay.


Free Trees For Torbay

In a new scheme by Torbay Council and the Devon Wildlife Trust, someone living in Torbay could possibly get a free tree. The ‘Saving Devon’s Treescapes’ project, have species such as Rowan, Crab Apple and Oak to give away. They will also provide a guide on aftercare and how to plant them.


Trees can be claimed by making an appointment at the Recycling Centre. There are 300 to give away. These trees are being given away, because of the fungus disease ‘Ash Dieback’ being expected to affect the land in the future. This a serious problem for ash trees that can cause leaves to wilt and potential death for the tree.


Tree planting is a way of reducing the carbon footprint in the world, and can help to fight climate change, as they naturally take carbon dioxide in and release oxygen.


Trees are available on this scheme from the 16th of March 2021. For more advice on tree services in Torquay, call Topp Tree Care on 01803 404697.


National Tree Week

From the 27th of November until the 5th of December 2021 it is National Tree Week. This is a yearly occasion which highlights the beginning of the tree planting winter season. It is a way of celebrating community spirit, as trees are planted over the country.


This has been celebrated since 1975 in order to inspire us to enjoy our amazing environments for the week, and a way to do this is to have our own trees to plant. After all, trees are integral to the well being of our planet. They are known as the worlds lungs, and are needed for animals and the environment to survive.


So, with organisation from the Tree Council and many schools, fun public events provide information and awareness of the amazing work that is carried out, to make sure that our trees and the areas that surround them are kept healthy and admired in generations to come. For Emergency Tree work in Teignmouth and Torbay call us today.


Storm Ellen causes havoc

Severe weather warnings were issued on August 21 st as Storm Ellen hit the Deon countryside.Reports of a fallen in the region as Storm Ellen brings havoc to Devon.


Strong winds hit the County early in the morning and reports of fallen trees in Exeter and along the M5 kept the Emergency services busy trying to keep traffic moving.


A large tree was blown down in Station Road, Sidmouth causing the road to be closed for a number of hours while workmen tried to clear up the tree and debris.


For local expert advice on all Tree services in Devon call Topp Tree Care.