Why Are Tree Surveys Important?

Trees are an important part of the environment, so it’s critical we have surveys done. Surveys can give important data on their condition and if there is a risk to any property or land they are on. For instance, someone might want to know the risk of subsidence in their home, or if there is the potential of any harm coming to endangered species (such as bats).


Someone could be interested to see what age the tree is, what sort of tree it is and if there are any animals living in it, as the tree would need extra care. Tree Surveys can help someone to look after the tree and any creatures that depend on it to survive.


Trees that are within a town or land need to be able to meet health and safety conditions. Trees can sometimes be a hazard, so a survey can be done to avoid danger to lives.


When planning a survey it is best to use an expert, as they will know what to look for to help keep the environment and inhabitants safe. Call us for all types of Tree services in Torquay.

Free Trees For Torbay

In a new scheme by Torbay Council and the Devon Wildlife Trust, someone living in Torbay could possibly get a free tree. The ‘Saving Devon’s Treescapes’ project, have species such as Rowan, Crab Apple and Oak to give away. They will also provide a guide on aftercare and how to plant them.


Trees can be claimed by making an appointment at the Recycling Centre. There are 300 to give away. These trees are being given away, because of the fungus disease ‘Ash Dieback’ being expected to affect the land in the future. This a serious problem for ash trees that can cause leaves to wilt and potential death for the tree.


Tree planting is a way of reducing the carbon footprint in the world, and can help to fight climate change, as they naturally take carbon dioxide in and release oxygen.


Trees are available on this scheme from the 16th of March 2021. For more advice on tree services in Torquay, call Topp Tree Care on 01803 404697.


National Tree Week

From the 27th of November until the 5th of December 2021 it is National Tree Week. This is a yearly occasion which highlights the beginning of the tree planting winter season. It is a way of celebrating community spirit, as trees are planted over the country.


This has been celebrated since 1975 in order to inspire us to enjoy our amazing environments for the week, and a way to do this is to have our own trees to plant. After all, trees are integral to the well being of our planet. They are known as the worlds lungs, and are needed for animals and the environment to survive.


So, with organisation from the Tree Council and many schools, fun public events provide information and awareness of the amazing work that is carried out, to make sure that our trees and the areas that surround them are kept healthy and admired in generations to come. For Emergency Tree work in Teignmouth and Torbay call us today.


Storm Ellen causes havoc

Severe weather warnings were issued on August 21 st as Storm Ellen hit the Deon countryside.Reports of a fallen in the region as Storm Ellen brings havoc to Devon.


Strong winds hit the County early in the morning and reports of fallen trees in Exeter and along the M5 kept the Emergency services busy trying to keep traffic moving.


A large tree was blown down in Station Road, Sidmouth causing the road to be closed for a number of hours while workmen tried to clear up the tree and debris.


For local expert advice on all Tree services in Devon call Topp Tree Care.